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Hello! We're Meggan and Nick, the heart and soul behind Wilder Days Candle Company. From our cozy Chicago home, we pour our passion into every candle, crafting them in small batches to guarantee the finest quality. Our creations are brought to life with 100% Midwest soy wax and the finest non-toxic fragrances, offering a clean, welcoming scent. The unique x wood wicks we use not only promote an even burn but also fill the room with a gentle crackling sound, enhancing the candle's charm.

The inception of Wilder Days Candle Company was fueled by a mix of passion and necessity. Meggan's love for candles was met with a challenge by Nick's allergies to them, sparking a quest to create a candle that was enjoyable for both. This journey of creativity was not just about making candles but reinventing them to enhance the ambiance of any room, making it cozier and more inviting.

As life evolved, so did our focus. With the "Wilder Days" of our youth becoming cherished memories, we're now more dedicated than ever to our expanding family. Yet, our commitment to enhancing homes with the warm glow and soft crackle of our candles remains unwavering. Join us in making every day a little warmer, one candle at a time.


Meggan & Nick

Wilder Days Candle Company